Selected Discography

Discography – Anders Mogensen


Educational DVD’s/Downloads: 

Anders Mogensen: Groupings and Textures(Sowhatfilm)

Anders Mogensen: Signatures(Sowhatfilm)

Basic Jazz Ride, Anders Mogensen, eMasterclasses vol. 1(Sowhatfilm)

Basic Jazz Coordination, Anders Mogensen, eMasterclasses vol. 2(Sowhatfilm)

Basic Jazz Fills and Solo, Anders Mogensen, eMasterclasses vol. 3(Sowhatfilm)

Basic Jazz Brushes, Anders Mogensen, eMasterclasses vol. 4(Sowhatfilm)

Traditional Grip, Anders Mogensen, eMasterclasses vol. 5(Sowhatfilm)

Basic Afro-Cuban Rhythms, Anders Mogensen, eMasterclasses vol 6(Sowhatfilm)

As A leader:

Anders Mogensen: Just Another Day at the Office (Steeplechase)

Feat. Gary Thomas, Daniel Franck and Carl Winther

Anders Mogensen: Gratitude(Black Out Records)

Featuring: Hans Koller, Claus Waidtløw and Andreas Lang

Anders Mogensen: Taking Off (Storyville),

Featuring: Gary Thomas, Rick Margitza, Niels Lan Doky and Ron McClure

Anders Mogensen: Taking Off Again (Storyville),

Featuring: Hans Ulrik, Niclas Knudsen, Anders Christensen and Henrik Lindstrand

Anders Mogensen: A.M. (LM Records/Newnetmusic),

Featuring: Hans Ulrik, Niclas Knudsen and Anders Christensen

Anders Mogensen Trio: Live! (LM Records/Newnetmusic),

Featuring Harvie S(Swartz) and Christoffer Sten Møller

Anders Mogensen Gifted Youth: Live and Beyond(LM Records)

As Co-leader:

Winther/Åman/Mogensen: Tetragonz (Stunt)

Bergonzi/Winther: Sonic Shapes (Stunt)

Winther/Illgerhag/Mogensen: Red Alert (Blackout Music)

MDM Trio: Minami/Davidsen/Mogensen (ILK/Airplane,Japan)

Colligan/Ulrik/Bodilsen/Mogensen: The Meeting (Black Out Records)


Real People: Real People (Black Out Records)

With Rudresh Mahanthappa, Carlo DeRosa, Jakob Anderskov and Kasper Tranberg

Anders Mogensen/Niclas Knudsen Featuring Matt Garrison(Music Mecca)


Haugård/Mogensen: Spirits (Go Records)

Mogensen/Frisk Quartet: Aquitaine (Storyville),

Featuring: Gary Thomas and Michael Formanek

When Granny Sleeps: Welcome (Da Capo)

When Granny Sleeps: Birth (Storyville),

Featuring: David Liebman and Ben Besiakow

When Granny Sleeps: Planet Construction (Storyville)

Featuring: Ray Anderson

As a Sideman:

With Petter Wettre:

 Live at Copenhagen Jazzhouse (Household Records)

Household Name (Household Records)

A Hallmark Moment (Household Records)

State of the Art (Household Records)

Appetite for Structure (Household Records)

Fountain of Youth (Household Records) – Grammy Award Winner(N)

Fountain of Youth, with Kork – cd and dvd (Household Records)

With Maiken Ingvordsen: 

Don’t be Cool(Verve), featured with Chris Minh Doky

This is Now(Sonet), featured with Adam Rogers and Chris Minh Doky

With Kasper Tranberg: 

Panorama (Bugpowder/newnetmusic)

Yakuza Zhuffle (Storyville), featured with Hiroshi Minami

Mortimer House (Ewe records – Available in Japan only)

Social Aid and Pleasure Club of Copenhagen (EWE Records, Japan)

Dreams and Blues for Toru Takemitsu (EWE Records, Japan)

With Copenhagen Art Ensemble:

 Open, Coma(Screwgun) featuring: Tim Berne, Marc Ducret, Herb Robertson

Shape of Twelve (Da Capo), featuring: Marilyn Mazur

Jordsange (Da Capo) by:Marilyn Mazur and Vigdis Gabarek, featuring Ars Nova

Angel Share (Da Capo)

Don’t Mention the War (Stunt X)

With Simon Spang-Hanssen: 

Central Earth: South of Nowhere (Newnetmusic)

Central Earth: Live in Copenhagen Jazzhouse (Music Mecca) 

With Jakob Anderskov:

Scraggly Music (Scraggly Music/Newnetmusic), featuring Michael Formanek

Even worse(Scraggly Music/Ilk),feat. Michael Formanek – Grammy Award Winner(DK)

On the Loose(Scraggly Music/Ilk), featuring Michael Formanek

På Dansk(Scraggly Music/ILK)

With Niels Ryde:

Modern Shapes(Music Mecca)

Everything I love, featuring Wolfgang Muthspiel , with Jesper Løvdal/Anders Mogensen(Music Mecca)

Wolfgang M og AM

Pocket Music(Music Mecca), Featuring Lew Soloff

Søren Bebe: Eva feat. Marc Johnson(From out here music)

Søren Bebe: Searching (Music Mecca)

Søren Bebe: From Out Here (Your Favorite Jazz)

Søren Bebe: A Song for You (Spice of Life – Japan)

Søren Bebe: Live at Chellauh, Marocco

Simon Krebs: Blur(Calibrated)

Simon Krebs: Don’t feed the Fears(Calibrated)

Tomasz Dabrowski: Tom Trio(ILK Music), Grammy nominated in Poland.

Jesper Løvdal: 

Lovedale(Ilk Records)

Grill Music(Ilk Record), featuring. Cuong Vu – Grammy Award Winner(DK)

Cozyness Kills (Ilk Records), featuring Chris Speed and Cuong Vu

With Doky Brothers:

Doky Brothers (Blue Note), featured with Brecker Brothers

Doky Brothers 2 (Blue Note), featured with Gino Vanelli

With Jakob Holm: 

Simplicity of Love, featuring Marc Johnson (Nayana/newnetmusic)

Open, featuring Marc Johnson (Music Mecca)

Monster Jazz, Chapter 3(Naryana)

With Music Spoken Here: 

Jazzpolice (Stunt),

Featured with Sri Peter Lockett and David Wilczewski

Brasso (Stunt)

With Henrik Andersen: 

Indian HeartBeat – Released in India only

With Crossover Ensemble:

 Crossover Ensemble (Curling Legs)

The River: Image of Time and Life (Da Capo)

Even Out: Even Out(Music Mecca)

Mariane Bitran: A Place for You (Stunt)

Juez: House of Glass (Stunt)

Kynne/Ingvordsen: Herfra min verden går (Storyville)

Morten Kargård Group: Colour of a Moment (Music Mecca)

Kurt Larsen Quartet/Quintet: 51 (Olufsen)

Asger Siiger: 

Change of Scene (Music Mecca)

 Excursion Ticket (Music Mecca)


Changes: Once Around the Park (Stunt)

The Best of Stunt/Olufsen Records: Kurt Larsen + 1

The Best of Stunt/Sundance Vol. 5: Music Spoken Here/Juez

All That Jazz From Denmark 98: When Granny Sleeps/Copenhagen Art Ensemble

The best of Stunt Vol. 7: Music Spoken Here

All That Jazz From Denmark 2001: When Granny Sleeps

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