Walt Weiskopf Quartet


Walt Weiskopf European Quartet

Tour: January 16th thru February 3rd 2019

Walt Weiskopf – sax

Carl Winther – piano

Andreas Lang – bass

Anders Mogensen – drums

After a very well received tour of Europe January/February 2018 this Quartet is available early 2019.

Walt Weiskopf European Quartet plays primarily Walts and and Carls music mixed with Walts original arrangements of lesser known tunes from the great American songbook.

All four musicians are highly respected on the jazzscene.

Walt has released noumerous CD’s as a Leader, featuring jazz icons such as Brad Mehldau, John Pattitucci and Tony Reedus. Andreas Lang, Berlin based, is one of the most sought after bassmen on the German scene, and has toured with Kurt Rosenwinkle and Bill Stewart.

Carl and Anders are both regularly touring with Tim Hagans and Jerry Bergonzi in their respectively bands.

A transatlantic Quartet showing where todays jazzscene is heading.

Code of Arms:


Heads in the Clouds/Soul Eyes:


New Release:



DK review: http://jazznyt.blogspot.dk/2018/02/walt-weiskopf-european-quartet-amm.html


Credits and pressrelease for Walt Weiskopf European Quartet:

Walt Weiskopf European Quartet

New Release January 20th 2018


Walt Weiskopf – Tenorsax

Carl Winther – Piano

Daniel Franck – Bass

Anders Mogensen – Drums


Gates of Madrid(Weiskopf)



See the Pyramid(Weiskopf)

Soul Eyes(Waldron)


Produced by the Quartet

Recorded on February 11th 2017 at Millfactory. Engineer: Boe Larsen

Mixed and Mastered on January 1st 2018 by Peter Hellesøe

Cover Painting: Jenny Winther

Cover design: Carl Winther and Jivin Cameron

Thanks to:

Venues in Denmark, Norway and Germany. Jazzdenmark, Dansk Kapelmesterforening, Dansk Jazzmusikerforening.

Anders Mogensen plays Zildjian Cymbals, Evans Drumheads and Pro-Mark Sticks.

Compositions by Walt Weiskopf are published by Contrary Mary Music, BMI

Compositions by Carl Winther and Anders Mogensen are published by Koda.


This release was recorded at the conclusion of a two-week tour of Denmark, Norway and Germany in January of 2016. U.S. tenor giant Walt Weiskopf has teamed up with three of Europe’s finest and most sought-after jazz musicians; pianist Carl Winther, bassist Daniel Franck and drummer Anders Mogensen. The result of this collaboration is great energetic music. Each member of the quartet contributed original compositions to the set; rounded out with Mal Waldron’s beautiful “Soul Eyes” and the modern jazz-classic “Bolivia” by the great Cedar Walton.

Weiskopf has been part of the legendary Steely Dan since 2003. He started his career with the Buddy Rich band at the age of 21. In the years since, he has released 19 CD’s featuring a stellar cast of the best contemporary jazz musicians including Brad Mehldau, John Pattituci, Joe Magnarelli, Renee Rosnes, Joe Locke, Conrad Herwig, Peter Zak, Billy Drummond and Peter Washington to name a few. The Scandinavian musicians accompanying Weiskopf here have attracted world-wide attention with their talents touring with jazz greats Jerry Bergonzi, Tim Hagans, Adam Nussbaum, Jeff “Tain” Watts, Greg Hutchinson and David Liebman.

The seven tracks comprising this release, the “Walt Weiskopf European Quartet” showcase the confluence of three of Europe’s most exciting rhythm section artists with one of the most accomplished and interesting tenor saxophone players from the other side of the pond!

Please enjoy this recording representing the best of modern jazz.




Tour of January 2019:


17/1 Klaipa 

18/1 Talinn

19/1 Vilnius plus Cl


21/1 Odense

22/1 Harders, Svendborg

23/1 Zig zag, Berlin

24/1 A Trane, Berlin 

25/1 Sunset, Paris

26/1 Sunset, Paris




30/1 Fat Jazz, Hamburg 


1/2 Gøteborg 

2/2 Jazzcup, Cph

3/2 Studie